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“The Co-Parenting Handbook with Karen Bonnell” hosted by Meg Gluckman of The Other Side, September 18, 2023.


Doing Divorce Different: Co-Parenting Champions Navigating Divorce with Grace  hosted by Lesa Koski, September 12, 2023.

Discussing The Three Coaching Buckets With Successful Coach, Mediator and Author, Karen Bonnell” hosted by Lani Akiona of Akiona Law, September 26, 2022.

“Strategies to Successfully Navigate Divorce, Co-parenting & Raising Stepchildren” with Lianne Castelino, hosted by Where Parents Talk, May 22, 2022.


“Co-parenting Advice from the Successful, Coach, Mediator and Author, Karen Bonnell” hosted by Lani Akiona of Akiona Law, March 31, 2022.


“Stepfamily Architecture and Two-House Families” with Karen Bonnell” 10CBF: A Podcast for Blended Families hosted by Joel Hawbaker, March 22, 2022

“Your child Can Thrive After Divorce” IG live with Karina Lagarrigue, February 22, 2022



“Revisioning Again with Karen Bonnell”  Maximum Mom Podcast with Elise Buie, January 11, 2021


“Is Co-Parenting with Your Ex an Ongoing Struggle?”
Co-Parenting Coach, Karen Bonnell Offers Solutions, September 1, 2021

“Parenting Plans: 50/50 May not be Best” hosted by Biana Balogh, Peaceful Parent App. July 4, 2021


“Co-Parenting & Creating a Child-Centered Co-Parenting Plan” with Karen Bonnell, The Divorce Rehab with Wendy Sterling,March 16, 2021


“Co-Parenting: Remarkable Single Moms Podcast” with Jana Sinclair, November 18, 2020


The “Doctor Mom” Podcast: The Co-Parenting Handbook with Karen Bonnell, September 29, 2020


“Navigating Stepfamily Situations with Karen Bonnell,” Couples’ HG with Shane Birkel, February 11, 2019


“Co-Parenting in Marriage, Separation, and Divorce” with Sara Dean and Your Shameless Mom January 2019


The Stepfamily Handbook, important guide, “Sunday Morning Magazine” with Kate Daniels (Warm 106.9 FM, Seattle)
January 6, 2019


“The Couples Therapist Couch: Co-Parenting Through Divorce”
hosted by Shane Birkel, March 19, 2018


“Co-Parenting Strategies to Help Your Kids Thrive with Karen Bonnell,” hosted by Christina Vinters, The Divorce Well Podcast, November 9, 2017


“Viewpoint Radio: The Struggles of Co-Parenting and Tips for Overcoming Them,” October 13, 2017


“Holiday Co-Parenting with Best-Selling Author, Karen Bonnell” hosted by Mary Beth Leisen
November 18, 2016


“Sunday Morning Magazine” with Kate Daniels (Warm 106.9 FM, Seattle) 
February 8, 2015 (Co-Parenting and New Romantic Relationships)

“Sunday Morning Magazine” with Kate Daniels (Warm 106.9 FM, Seattle)
November 1, 2014 (Co-Parenting at the Holidays)


“Viewpoints: The Challenges of Co-Parenting” produced by Pat Reuter of MediaTracks
October 2014


“Dodging Co-Parenting Traps with Author Karen Bonnell” hosted by Amy Beth Arkawy, October 10, 2014


“Author Karen Bonnell Discusses The Co-Parents’ Handbook on Conversations Live” with Cyrus Webb (WMPR, Jackson, MS)  September 16, 2014


“DIVORCE on Speaking of Wellness with Karen Bonnell” hosted by John Ford (KAOS, Evergreen, WA)
September 15, 2014


“The Co-Parents’ Handbook on Ideasphere with Guy Rathbun (KCBX, San Luis Obispo NPR)
September 15, 2014 (produced)

Co-Parenting Articles & Chapters

Coronavirus reopenings give divorced parents one more thing to argue about
By Kristen Chase, NBC News, May 28, 2020

Navigating co-parenting in a time of social distancing and quarantines
By Jamie Seaton, Washington Post March 27, 2020

How co-parenting moms help their kids celebrate dad on Father’s Day
By Christen A. Johnson, Chicago Tribune, Jun 14, 2018

Family-centered, child-inclusive divorce
By Kristin Little and Karen Bonnell, Counseling Today, April 7, 2015


Collaborative Review Vol 15 Issue 2 Co-Parent Coaching
by K Bonnell (4 page PDF)




Putting Kids First in Divorce: How to Reduce Conflict, Preserve Relationships and Protect Children During and After Divorce.  Conversations with High Integrity Divorce Professionals. Edited by Jeremy Kossen. “For Kids – What Divorce Breaks Apart, Strong Co-Parenting Rebuilds” by Karen Bonnell. Moguly Media, 2016.  Read a sample chapter in PDF format.


The Divorce Puzzle “The Legal Parenting Plan, Courts, Collaborative Practice, and Co-Parenting Matters” by Karen Bonnell, pp. 169-178.